Top 3 KidSafe Set

Top 3 KidSafe Set


Are you looking for the perfect essential oil gift for someone who has young children? Well look no further! Our Top 3 KidSafe Set features our 3 most popular KidSafe synergies. Most popular for a reason, our Top 3 KidSafe Set is sure to make anyone happy!

  • Directions

    -Nighty Night Bedtime Spray-

    What you will need:

    • 4 oz. of witch hazel or water
    • 30 drops Nighty Night
    • 4 oz Amber Spray Bottle


    • Mix witch hazel or water with the 30 drops of Nighty Night in the 4 oz spray bottle.
    • Shake well before each use.
    • Spray the Nighty Night Bedtime Spray in your child’s bedroom or on their pillow right before bed.

    • Dilute Germ Destroyer between 1% and 3% using your favorite carrier oil for topical applications. Germ Destroyer can also be diffused during the winter months to help everyone stay healthy.
    • You can diffuse a few drops of Calming The Child in one of Plant Therapy’s diffusers; our recommendation is to diffuse for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Alternatively, dilute Calming The Child at a 1-3% using your favorite carrier oil and apply topically on your child’s chest or back of their neck.